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Killing the Other

Université Paris 7 - Groupe de Recherche sur l'Eugénisme et le Racisme
Université Paris 7 - CIRNA
ENS Cachan

Subj: Killing the Other Conference
 Date: 1/25/2004 3:45:24 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From: Michel Prum
   To: ...undisclosed list of contributors...

Dear Colleagues,

It has been a real pleasure meeting you in Paris for a conference which was
thanks to you a success. So we would like to thank you all for coming,
sometimes from very far away, and for contributing very stimulating papers.

It is now time to think about the next step. We are currently considering
different possibilities of publication and as soon as we know more about
it, we will give you more details about the required format of papers and
the deadline for submission. Some of you have already given their articles.
We have kept them preciously but if you wish to modify your texts you
can give us a new version. The papers will then be selected by the
organizers with a view to getting a coherent work. We would like
"Killing the Other" to be a real book rather than just the proceedings
of our conference.

Remember that you can always visit our web site for updated news about
the GRER seminars and publications and that conversely we will be very
happy to hear about your research and pass on to our colleagues any
information you might think relevant to communicate.

With our very best wishes,

Michel Prum, Bénédicte Deschamps and Marie-Claude Barbier.


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