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Histoire des femmes en Grande-Bretagne

Langue : Anglais

Dispensé par : EILA

Description : Aims The aims of the course:1) Introduce a student to women’s and gender studies. Attention will be given to the history of the women’s movement in Great Britain. 2) Encourage a student’s interest in the field of women’s and gender studies by doing research for presentations in class ; research will be carried out using traditional printed documents as well as other sources available online. 3)Widen a student’s knowledge of women’s and gender studies by looking at current theory. Documents to be used, and or bibliography :1)At the beginning of the course students will be given a brochure which will serve as a basis for the course.2)Documents available online in the field of women’s and gender studies. A student will be expected to do research, which will be given as homework, on a regular basis.3)Willy Russell, Educating Rita, 1983

Code : N/A

Niveaux pré-requis : de 4 à 5

Langue dans laquelle l'enseignement est dispensé : Anglais

Volume horaire : 2 heure(s) par semaine

Crédits ECTS : 3

Validation : Oral, DST

Places : 25

Coordinateur : Christian Camou

Enseignant responsable : sclayton sclayton

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