Lectures critiques : genres littéraires, poétique du texte, initiation à la théorie littéraire OUVERT AUX ETUDIANTS de M1 et M2

Langue : Anglais

Dispensé par : Etudes Anglophones-Charles V

Description : Hamlet dans tous ces états/Hamlet, Mirror of CriticismIt is said that since Hamlet was written, someone has written about it more than once an hour. Hamlet has been focus, test, and pretext for every kind of criticism, theory, and imitation. This course begins with the New Bibliography, studying the textual problems inherent in a play which Shakespeare revised, which also exists in a version for the company on tour, and the necessity for editors to make choices which make ‘a’ play. We will consider the different styles of poetry which inform the different styles of poetry and playing poetry within the play. We will then study the play through the eyes of different critical or theoretical approaches: Bibliography and textual editing: The Oxford Hamlet, ed. G. R. Hibbard (1987)Character criticism from Morgann and Jameson to BradleyDramatic poem or poetic performance: Harley Granville Barker, G. Wilson Knight New Criticism: L. C. Knights, William Empson

Code : 41M4LB07

Niveau pré-requis : 5

Langue dans laquelle l'enseignement est dispensé : Anglais

Volume horaire : 2 heure(s) par semaine

Crédits ECTS : 3

Validation : N/A

Places : 5

Coordinateur : Christian Camou

Enseignant responsable : Ronald Flintham

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