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Women, literature and cinema

Langue : Anglais

Dispensé par : EILA

Description : From Jane Austen to Virginia Woolf: how literature has reflected the long march of women towards autonomy In a first part this course will focus on the historical context of emancipation for women. From the submissive “angel in the house” to the fight for the right to vote and equality. It will be interesting to focus on stereotypes about women and their claim to independence both in literature and on screen. This course will be based on studies of literary texts written by Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice, 1813) and its adaptations to the cinema or for TV series (1995) and more recent adaptations such as the Bollywood movie Bride and Prejudice (2004) or Bridget Jones' Diary. The course will focus on other writers such as Charlotte Brontë (with Jane Eye (1847) and its 2012 adaptation) or Virginia Woolf (with Mrs Dalloway and the movie The Hours.) Students will be invited to read the texts (extracts) and work on the movie of their choice to do an oral presentation to the class. For that purpose, we will study the narrative techniques and different ways used in cinema to express a point of view or emphasize a particular message.

Code : 48AN2003,48AN3005,48AN4001,48AN5003,48AN5000

Niveaux pré-requis : de 4 à 5

Langue dans laquelle l'enseignement est dispensé : Anglais

Volume horaire : 2 heure(s) par semaine

Crédits ECTS : 3

Validation : Oral et DST

Places : 27

Coordinateur : Christian Camou

Enseignant responsable : hheuilla hheuilla

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