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Text Comparison using Systemic Functional Grammar (Chris Gledhill) M2 ILTS

  • Course notes / Notes de cours

To obtain a copy of the Course Notes (PDF version only), please write to me at the address on my home page. NB you must use your university email address (@univ-paris-diderot.fr), as I will only send attachments to students who are officially enrolled at Paris Diderot University.

Pour obtenir un exemplaire des notes de cours (version PDF seulement), veuillez envoyer un message à l'adresse indiquée sur ma page personnelle. NB : il faudra utiliser votre adresse universitaire (@univ-paris-diderot.fr); j'envoie des pièces jointes uniquement aux étudiants inscrits à l'Université Paris Diderot.

  • Course evaluation / Evaluation du cours

The official name of the this course is “Phraseology and Translation: An Introduction to Text Comparison using Systemic Functional Grammar”

In this course you will be asked to compare a translated text of your choice (i.e. a text in English and its equivalent French - I suggest a short text of around 300 words long). You will provide a detailed analysis of both the English and the French texts, using the system set out in this booklet (i.e. Systemic Functional Grammar or SFG). You will then provide a commentary on some of the main features of the translation (features of semantics, syntax or other linguistic characteristics that may be of significance: I suggest you analyse five different features). I recommend that you choose a text from the same field (and the same text type) as the one you are working on for your translation project. Before you submit your work, you should get my approval for the text you are going to analyse.

  • Course contents / Contenu du cours

The course booklet is in English:

Topic 1 Levels of linguistic analysis

Topic 2 Semantic Roles

Topic 3 Clause Structures

Topic 4 Syntactic Functions

Topic 5 Group Structure


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